Children with ADHD can grow up to be productive and happy adultsYour child has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Now what?

  • "We get calls, notes and emails from the school about his lack of self-control."
  • "It takes hours for her to complete homework that should only take 30 minutes."
  • "The homework finally gets completed, but it's lost before it's handed in."
  • "He loses everything."
  • "Mornings are a nightmare.  Sometimes she's so slow I dress her so she won't be late."
  • "He doesn't listen to me when I tell him to do something."
  • "Our family life is a series of temper outbursts."
  • "Time out doesn't work."
  • "He defies me at every term."
  • "This is not the family life I thought we'd have."

What do we do?"

Most children with ADHD grow up to become fine, productive adults.  They just need a little help with their special circumstances.

Practical Solutions Parent Coaching will:

  • Help you learn to be calm so you can deal calmly with your child's problems.
  • Teach you specific skills to decrease your child's challenging behaviors and increase positive ones.
  • Work with you to develop an organizational plan for homework and completing things on time.
  • Help you build a good working relationship with the school.
  • Help you learn how to support your child as he/she undertakes the challenges of ADHD.
  • Provide tips, tools and techniques for getting through the rough spots.
  • Provide coaching on how to build the kind of family life you've always wanted.

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"Rhonda Moskowitz provides a solid, practical approach to her coaching and parent education by using her natural exuberance and humor. Parents fortunate enough to work with her not only obtain concrete solutions to their challenges, but also journey toward their dreams with grace, eager enthusiasm, aware of new possibilities like never before---all because Rhonda makes that possible." Gloria DeGaetano - Founder & CEO, The Parent Coaching Institute, Bellevue, Washington