High School

Rhonda Moskowitz can help you keep the calm in the midst of teen parenting.You've made it!  Just a few short years and they'll be off to college as functioning, independent young adults.  In the meantime, though, there are grades to keep an eye on.  There's the excitement and terror of living with a new driver.  And new friends that you're not too sure about.  There are rumors of drug use along with stories of permissive parents ("You're so rigid! No one's parents are as strict as you!").  The attitudes displayed at home leave something to be desired.  And sexuality isn't just emerging now -- it's gunning the engine.

Practical Solutions Parent Coaching

Calm help in the midst of the turmoil:

  • Living with cell phones
  • Participation in family life
  • Household chores (why they're never around when there's work to be done)
  • Keeping the connection even through the screaming
  • When grades are slipping
  • That sense of entitlement
  • TV, video game and computer excess
  • Deadlines and getting things done on time
  • Motivation and direction

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"Rhonda Moskowitz provides a solid, practical approach to her coaching and parent education by using her natural exuberance and humor. Parents fortunate enough to work with her not only obtain concrete solutions to their challenges, but also journey toward their dreams with grace, eager enthusiasm, aware of new possibilities like never before---all because Rhonda makes that possible." Gloria DeGaetano - Founder & CEO, The Parent Coaching Institute, Bellevue, Washington