Middle School

In middle school your child's relationships begin to change dramatically.  Self-images are in flux.  Friends and peers become enormously important.  Children travel in flocks.  What other children think makes a huge difference to your child.  Parents take a back seat, except where transportation is concerned.  Sexuality is starting to emerge, especially among the girls, and some children are even being exposed to drugs.  It's a confusing time for children as well as for parents.  Older children feel like kings of the heap, but high school is looming and soon they'll be at the bottom of the ladder again.

Practical Solutions Parent Coaching

Help navigating the transition years:

  • School -- grades -- academic success
  • Peer pressure, problems with friends
  • After school activities
  • Staying cool, calm and connected with your child
  • Homework issues
  • Holding on and letting go

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"Rhonda Moskowitz provides a solid, practical approach to her coaching and parent education by using her natural exuberance and humor. Parents fortunate enough to work with her not only obtain concrete solutions to their challenges, but also journey toward their dreams with grace, eager enthusiasm, aware of new possibilities like never before---all because Rhonda makes that possible." Gloria DeGaetano - Founder & CEO, The Parent Coaching Institute, Bellevue, Washington