Practical Tips for October

Halloween Tips

  • Use dress up clothes to create memorable Halloween costumes.
  • Be on the look out for additions to your dress up stash immediately following Halloween when costumes and accessories are discounted.  Think of is as preparing for next year.
  • Buy that discounted costume in a larger size so it will fit next year.
  • For young children purchase a few large, flowy, square pieces of material that can easily become capes.
  • Use face paint instead of a mask so your child can see unencumbered.
  • Little girls love high heels, but they can’t walk in them without tripping.  Trick or treating or a school parade requires shoes that keep you stable.
  • Flashlights or glow sticks will help everyone see on a dark Trick or Treat night.

"Rhonda Moskowitz provides a solid, practical approach to her coaching and parent education by using her natural exuberance and humor. Parents fortunate enough to work with her not only obtain concrete solutions to their challenges, but also journey toward their dreams with grace, eager enthusiasm, aware of new possibilities like never before---all because Rhonda makes that possible." Gloria DeGaetano - Founder & CEO, The Parent Coaching Institute, Bellevue, Washington