Screamfree™ Parenting

Screamfree Parenting is PossibleIt seems that nothing could be more natural than yelling at our children when they do something wrong, when they're obstinate, and when they just won't see reason.  But if it's natural, why do we feel so drained afterward?  And why does it so rarely result in the behavior changes we want to see?

A calmer and more effective approach has been introduced by Hal Runkel, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in his book "Screamfree Parenting:  The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool."

  • Diffuse power struggles
  • Become the calming authority
  • Feel competent, capable and confident as a parent
  • Be active, not reactive
  • Reduce stress and bring more harmony into your family life
  • Learn how to care for your child by caring for yourself
  • Guide your child into a productive, responsible life
  • Keep the connection with your child alive through the most turbulent times, and build the lifelong relationship you dreamed of when you became a parent

With courses, guided reading and one-on-one coaching, Rhonda Moskowitz, Certified Screamfree Parenting Facilitator, will provide you with practical guidance in applying the Screamfree principles to your parenting situation.

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"Rhonda Moskowitz provides a solid, practical approach to her coaching and parent education by using her natural exuberance and humor. Parents fortunate enough to work with her not only obtain concrete solutions to their challenges, but also journey toward their dreams with grace, eager enthusiasm, aware of new possibilities like never before---all because Rhonda makes that possible." Gloria DeGaetano - Founder & CEO, The Parent Coaching Institute, Bellevue, Washington